VERY LIMITED TIME OFFER: YES, It's YOUR TIME To Have a Mentor & Develop Your Calling By Bringing Ideas to Prospering Life NOW in a SMALL GROUP PROGRAM Specifically Designed For Kingdom Minded Entrepreneurial Women In Business and/or Vocational Ministry!

The PREMIERE AND ONLY Year Long Mastermind Program Designed SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU As A Kingdom Minded FEMALE Entrepreneur &/or Vocational Minister Who Wants To Breakthrough To The Next Level, Including Monetization From Online Products & Services.

Hear what Lori Clifton, Charlana Kelly and Susan Harris have to share about Kingdom Master Mind:


These Small Groups are the highlight of the program for many Kingdom Mastermind Women!

You are CHALLENGED to BELIEVE in the POWER of God to improve you, grow you & BREAKTHROUGH lifestyle barriers by tackling small, daily goals! This is a POWERFUL accelerator!

This is YOUR HOME. A Safe, Ordered and Beautiful Place to Be Mentored as a Kingdom Female Entrepreneur in ALL Aspects of Business, Including Leadership Development and Prospering Financially Through Online Product and Service Sales.

Finally, Your God Ideas Can Be Built into Prospering Platforms in Community with Other Like Minded Women Who Love God & Want to Live Full Out WITHOUT Striving and Toiling the World's Way!

You Will Learn How To Lean In To God's Heart to Co-Create & Co-Execute:

Information Products and Services to Sell Online
Brand Consistent Social Media Platforms
Email List Development
Team Building
Personal Development
and more...

Where will you be in a year woman of God?

It's TIME. Your Master Mind Community of Helps is Here


You Have Something God Wants to Share Through You, to Set People Free! It's TIME for You to Fully Inhabit the Spaces and Places God Ordained for You!

Kingdom Mastermind Founder, Ann McDonald shown below training from Lance Wallnau's 7 Mountain Stage. 

I'm READY! It Is TIME To Fulfill The Call On My Life...

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What Are The Benefits & Value Of This Kingdom Mastermind Program?

Dear Woman of God, You have something the world needs! 

There is no time like TODAY to make the changes, gain the mentor and move QUICKLY into the BREAKTHROUGH you know you need. 

We behave from belief, so those behaviors you and I have that hold us back - those come from bad beliefs that we rarely address, unless the pain of not gaining victory shows up. 

Often that pain comes in the form of our business ideas not prospering, relationship and family issues or even weight gain!

NONE OF THOSE are God's plan for us! 

It's TIME we make the changes in our lifestyle, GAIN MENTORS AND COMMUNITY to walk along side us and help us develop healthy new beliefs about ourselves and others so WE CAN PROSPER FULLY - Body, Soul and Spirit!

Have a look below at how we provide these valuables in the Kingdom Mastermind Program. 

I call them valuables because like diamonds - the components of your Kingdom Mastermind Program are many faceted and worth way more than the exchange of dollars and cents.

How much money have you and I spent on things that didn't transform? Me? I have spent a lot.

When I finally took God seriously at His WORD and understood that mentorship was part of His plan for prospering...I invested HEAVILY.

Kingdom Mastermind is a year long program, where YOU, as a Female Kingdom Minded Entrepreneur and/or Vocational Minister are HEARD - EMPOWERED - to accomplish EVERYTHING God has put in your heart to accomplish!

I can't do it for you.

I can't do it as you.

However...I can share weekly, mentoring in a small group setting where other VALUABLES (like the 32 other Kingdom Minded Women in the program) are also sharing, caring, and engaging daily.

So how is the program structured? Very simply. Very POWERFULLY, so you can choose which portions of the program work for you, WHERE YOU ARE.

The 12 Month Long Kingdom Mastermind Program INCLUDES FREE: THE Time Mastery 30 Day Course & An Additional Month Of Kingdom Mastermind!

See below for the details of the program, when YOU choose you and become a member in May 2021:

Kingdom Mastermind Program Regularly $995/Month With A 12 Month Commitment

SPECIAL OFFER FOR MAY 2021 ONLY: $995 $495/Month Get 1 Month FREE & The Time Mastery Course Valued At $1,997 For FREE!

SMART Goal Check Ins

Every Week you are HEARD AND SEEN! Every member of Kingdom Mastermind is part of a small group SMART Goal Check in to see two things: how is your SMART Goal coming along, and what comes up when you try to accomplish it. 

This time is DESIGNED to help grow you on your personal POWER GRID so those beliefs that cause breakthrough growth can change and prosper. This is a GOLD MINE OF WISDOM & the highlight of many people's weeks! Each Group is no more than 15 people.

Big Picture Apostolic Training

Every Month we host a our Big Picture Apostolic Training, the first week of every month. WHY? Because we need to know what God is saying and doing so we can be with HIM. It's a special word of encouragement to keep us in the place of BUILDING on a firm foundation.

These have become beacons of resetting our hearts at the head of each month and are a treasure of encouragement. A special time. You may or may not engage, based on your assignment in this season. All trainings are voluntary.

Monthly Q & A

Every Month we host a dedicated time of Q & A. These sessions are designed to be a place where you ask questions about the Big Picture Apostolic Training first & then we move on to other Q & A's as time permits.

The second Wednesday of every month, these live recorded 90 minute Q & A Sessions are where many get significant breakthrough.
As with all training sessions, they are voluntary. Do what works with your schedule based on your assignment and call in any given season

Monthly How To's

Every Month we host How To Training where you are able to learn about things you need to prosper your business and/or vocational ministry. We cover topics as diverse as sales webinars to Instagram to hiring Virtual Assistants. 

We take requests and polls in the group to determine the highest priority for members so you are advanced quickly. As with ALL training sessions, they are voluntary. Do what works with your schedule based on your assignment and call in any given season

Lab Practicals

Once a month we do something called "Lab Practicals". What are these you ask? Well...have you ever tried to do something in your business and you can't figure it out?! Ever gotten frustrated because you don't know how to set up an email list or build out a sales page? 

Do you have a coaching business and need to set up Calendly or some calendar app for scheduling appointments and need HELP? That is what we do in the Lab Practicals! We FIX STUFF!

I wasted YEARS because I didn't know where to go to get what I needed. Lab Practicals? FIXES THAT!

Challenge Lifetime Access Videos

Every month we host Challenges in the Kingdom Mastermind Challenge Group. These videos are only available for a short time, UNLESS you purchase the videos for $197 for each Challenge OR you are a member of the Kingdom Mastermind Year Long Program.

You will have lifetime access to these videos for the Challenges that take place DURING your time in Kingdom Mastermind


Periodically we host Workshops after the Challenges in the Kingdom Mastermind Challenge Group. These are usually multi-session hands on working sessions. As a Kingdom Mastermind Year Long Member, you RECEIVE 3 Workshop Credits.

Some workshops are 1 credit workshop, some workshops are 2 credit workshops and some workshops are more.

Each workshop credit is approximately $300 worth of value.


Every Quarter, we have Prophetic ministry for the Kingdom Mastermind Members. Some sessions are training in nature, others are personal prophetic words and other sessions are more generalized.


Times vary.

There is your Welcome Swag Box, Pop Up Training, Onboarding Call...too much to share in a single page describing the program. Kingdom Woman, are you READY to choose yourself? It IS YOUR TIME! Register below, before this offer goes away.

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ONE TIME OFFER: Four (4) 1 to 1 Coaching Calls with Ann McDonald. These coaching calls are 30 minutes each, one per quarter of the year, to process out your progress in a one on one setting via telephone. Don't miss this opportunity to have a PERSONALIZED COACH during the soft launch of Kingdom Mastermind. Ann McDonald's normal coaching rate for phone calls is $250 PER 30 Minute Telephone Call. This offer will not come around again as this is $1,000 worth of value for only $495 and is ONLY AVAILABLE during this offer period.

Order Summary
Dynamically Updated
Woman Of God, Here Is What Is Included:
  • Featured Weekly SMART Goal Check In Every Monday morning we check in as a group for connection and course correction 
  • Featured Monthly Live Recorded Zoom Training Held at Different Times of the Day to Accommodate Schedules: 9 am, Noon, 3 pm, 6 pm
  • EVERY MONTH - Week 1: Big Picture Apostolic Training: This equips the builder in us from the place of Ideation & Leadership. What we need in principles to build.
  • EVERY MONTH - Week 2: Live Q & A: Here we tackle live, the questions you have and process out loud so you are empowered to lead well.
  • EVERY MONTH - Week 3: How to Technical Stuff: This is the "get it done" space! No more small foxes spoiling the vine! How to set up email list, create a funnel, set up text alerts, create an information product, set up a payment system, structure a group, set up Instagram and more. We take requests from the group to see which How To should be covered.
  • EVERY MONTH - Week 4: Lab Practicals: This is where we literally, build stuff out live so you can have things FINISHED! 
  • THE LIBRARY - You Have Access to ALL PREVIOUS Training already uploaded inside the Private Facebook Group: PRICELESS
  • THE VAULT - Access to Pre-Recorded Training from Ann's Vault: Programs and Videos are put in periodically: PRICELESS
  • PRICELESS - Private Facebook Group Setting your heart in a place to be seen, heard and to process and output. This is where we meet and connect virtually, and it is worth the price times 1,000!
  • Master Calendar so You Can Plan! Yes, I like to plan. Every 3 months the schedule is set so you can lead your life as a true Daughter of the King of Kings!
  • BONUS FEATURES and POP UP TRAINING like: How to Create a Simple Information Product to Sell and more
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